Multi - Step Repair Process

Form And Pump Repair

The form - and - pump repair technique involves multiple steps, but has many advantages over other techniques. With form - and - pump repair, the chosen repair material is pumped into the cavity which is framed and confined by formwork and existing concrete. Many different materials can be used for repairs, as long as the materials are pumpable. 

When doing form - and - pump repair, it is imperative that air cannot become trapped in the cavity where repair materials are being pumped. To avoid this problem, these areas must be trimmed or have vent tubes installed. 

Once the materials are mixed, the pumping begins. Form - and - pump repair can be performed overhead or from a low point to a high point. Once the cavity is full of the desired repair material, pump pressure is put on the form, allowing the repair material to make intimate contact with the existing concrete surface. This allows the material to bond with the existing concrete. The form - and - pump repair method is also sometimes used in enlarging columns and beams when structures need to increase their load - bearing weight. 

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