Post Tension Repairs

Reinforcing With Steel

Post Tension RepairsPost Tensioned Concrete is a commonly used method of concrete construction where multiple strands of steel cables are placed throughout a concrete slab to reinforce the structure. These groups of steel cables are incredibly important for increasing structural support as well as allowing for greater spans between supporting columns or beams. 

Placed in groups, the steel cables are set before the concrete is poured. After the concrete is poured, dried and cured, the tendons are pulled tight to create tension in the slab. If tendons become corroded or damaged in any way, they might require repairs to be made in order to prevent further damage and accidents. 

In larger structures such as parking garages, these tendons are often draped - meaning they are low at the midpoint of a beam and higher at the supports. Doing this keeps the steel at the point of highest tension.

Post Tension Repair and Modification Services

Post-tension repair and modification services are essential for maintaining the structural integrity and performance of concrete structures. These services encompass a range of activities aimed at repairing, upgrading, and modifying post-tensioned concrete elements. Some of the common post-tension repair and modification services include:

External post-tension upgrades and modifications
This involves upgrading and modifying the external post-tensioning systems in a structure to increase its strength, stability, and durability. This can include adding additional tendons, changing the tendon layout, or replacing existing tendons with higher-capacity systems.

Post-tension tendon replacement
This service involves replacing damaged or broken post-tension tendons, which are the tensioned steel cables that provide reinforcement in post-tensioned concrete structures.

Pre-stressed concrete repairs and structural upgrades
This involves repairing and upgrading pre-stressed concrete structures, which are structures reinforced with pre-tensioned steel cables. This can include adding additional tendons, repairing damaged tendons, and strengthening existing tendons to improve the structure's overall performance.

Post-tension tendon repair
This service involves repairing damaged or broken post-tension tendons, which can be caused by corrosion, wear and tear, or other factors.

Locating broken post-tension tendons
This involves using specialized equipment and techniques to locate broken post-tension tendons, which can be difficult to detect without specialized knowledge and equipment.

Concrete repairs on post-tension structures
This involves repairing concrete elements in post-tensioned structures, such as cracks, spalls, and other concrete damage.

Modifications and re-purposing of PT slabs
This involves modifying and re-purposing existing post-tensioned concrete slabs, such as converting a parking garage into a residential or commercial space.

Cutting, de-tensioning, and stressing
This involves cutting post-tensioned concrete elements, de-tensioning the tendons, and re-stressing the tendons in a new configuration to accommodate changes in the structure's use or layout.

Benefits of Post Tension Repair

Post-tensioning repairs offer several benefits, including:

Increased strength
Post-tensioning repairs can increase the strength of a structure, making it better able to resist external loads and stresses.

Improved durability
By repairing post-tensioned elements, the lifespan of the structure can be extended and the need for future repairs can be reduced.

Cost savings
By preventing future damage, post-tensioning repairs can save money in the long run by avoiding the need for more extensive and costly repairs.

Improved performance
Repairing post-tensioned elements can restore the structure to its original design specifications, improving its overall performance.

Reduced maintenance costs
By extending the lifespan of a structure, post-tensioning repairs can reduce the need for ongoing maintenance and repairs.

Repairing Concrete Structures

Strengthening Technologies has worked on many projects requiring post tension repairs. Post Tension Repair is one of our specialties at Strengthening Technologies. Our trained crews expertly repair and replace post tension tendons as well as make modifications for re-purposing post tension areas and inspection services of post tensioned concrete structures.

Here are some common places we have conducted post-tension repairs of concrete structures:

Car dealerships
Post-tensioning is often used in the construction of car dealerships, particularly in the flooring system, to provide increased strength and durability for heavy vehicles and equipment.

Commercial high-rises
Post-tensioning is frequently used in the construction of commercial high-rise buildings, such as office towers, to increase their strength and stability, especially in earthquake-prone areas.

Residential high-rises
In residential construction, post-tensioning is used in the construction of high-rise apartment buildings to provide increased stability, strength, and durability.

Post-tensioning is commonly used in the construction of bridges, particularly in the deck and support systems, to increase their strength and stability.

Parking garages
Post-tensioning is often used in the construction of multi-level parking garages, particularly in the flooring system, to provide increased strength and durability for heavy vehicles and equipment.

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