Concrete Repair Methods

Options to Keep Your Concrete Looking New

Concrete RepairOur repair options at Strengthening Technologies will protect the look and integrity of your concrete. From concrete repair, to concrete resurfacing to concrete restoration - our many options will ensure that your concrete will get the treatment it needs to look brand new.

If your property is showing any of the following signs of damage, it's time to reach out to Strengthening Technologies for your concrete repair. Strengthening Technologies has the know - how, skill and equipment to fix these aesthetic problems and keep your concrete looking good as new. 


Many times over the course of a winter season, freezing and thawing can cause cracks to form on the surface of your concrete. This occurs when water gets into the extremely porous surface of the concrete and the temperatures drop below freezing, causing the concrete to expand, thus forming cracks in the concrete's top layer. This type of concrete repair problem is called spalling. Largely just a cosmetic issue, fixing these cracks is typically a minor concrete repair. Simple repairs can even be done to get rid of unsightly marks or stains on the concrete. 

Uneven Surfaces

There are a variety of reasons your concrete may begin to slope or become uneven. It's possible that it's just normal weathering over time, but it could also be a sign of foundation problems. We can diagnose the problem for you, and figure out what's causing it. Then, Strengthening Technologies will get to work on fixing it.

Surface Cracks

A sure - fire way to know that there's a problem with your concrete, cracks tend to pop up and work their way to the bottom of the slab. In addition to not being aesthetically pleasing, cracks can also compromise the structural integrity of your property.

Pitting / Scaling

Winter months can be tough on concrete for many reasons. When your surface is covered in ice and you want to protect people from slipping and injuring themselves, many people cover the ice in de - icing salts.  In addition to the problems repeated freezing and thawing can cause, these de - icing salts are known to cause damage to your concrete. Signs of this damage are pitting or scaling on the surface. If this problem is not promptly addressed, the disintegration of your concrete will continue until it is repaired. 

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