Reinforcing With Steel
Post Tensioned Concrete is a commonly used method of concrete construction where multiple strands of steel cables are placed throughout a concrete slab to reinforce the structure. These groups of steel cables are incredibly important for increasing structural support as well as allowing for greater spans between supporting columns or beams.  Placed in groups, the steel cables are set before the concrete is poured. After the concrete is poured, dried and cured, the tendons are pulled tight to create tension in the slab. If tendons become corroded or damaged in any way, they might require repairs to be made in... Read The Rest
Top To Bottom Service
Texas Strengthening Technologies is a full - service Barrier Cable contractor.  We design, supply, and install barrier cables to your existing or new parking structure. Barrier cable products are not only cost effective, but they are also an attractive feature on any structure. Our teams of trained and experienced field technicians install and repair barrier cable systems while maintaining the utmost safety. You can trust their hands-on field experience to get the job done with the proper installation of these materials.  Barrier cables are a cost effective solution to provide fall protection along the separation of the parking garage ramps... Read The Rest
Options to Keep Your Concrete Looking New
Our repair options at Texas Strengthening Technologies will protect the look and integrity of your concrete. From concrete repair, to concrete resurfacing to concrete restoration - our many options will ensure that your concrete will get the treatment it needs to look brand new. If your property is showing any of the following signs of damage, it's time to reach out to Texas Strengthening Technologies for your concrete repair. Texas Strengthening Technologies has the know - how, skill and equipment to fix these aesthetic problems and keep your concrete looking good as new.  Spalling Many times over the course of... Read The Rest
Slab On Grade Foundation Repair
Here in Texas, many homes and other structures are built on top of concrete slabs. Homeowners and builders tend to surround their homes with trees, flower beds and gardens nearby. At some point, because of the soil under the concrete slab and nearby foliage, foundation failure may occur. This is also more likely with homes located in warm and dry regions with shallow footings. When this happens, you wind up with settling concrete that cracks or becomes uneven, developing potentially dangerous tripping hazards, problems with pooling water and uneven surfaces. There are ways to diagnose a damaged concrete slab in... Read The Rest
Stopping Cracks Before They Get Worse
Sometimes, concrete structures develop large cracks from years of wear and tear. If these cracks become too large, most injection methods simply will not work to repair the crack. This is why Texas Strengthening Technologies recommend shoring the crack with carbon fiber rather than excavating, tearing out, and replacing the concrete. Shoring the crack with carbon fiber can prevent the crack from growing and getting worse.  Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) is quickly becoming a commonly used material in structural engineering applications. Carbon fiber is very lightweight and has high tensile strength - giving your structure significant strength without adding... Read The Rest
Keeping Your Structure In Tip-Top Shape
While concrete is definitely a strong building medium, there is one thing that is bound to happen to it after years of wear and tear - cracks. Not only are cracks unsightly, but, depending on their size and location, they also make your structure unsound and unsafe for continued use.  Epoxy injection is a cost-effective method used to bring your commercial concrete structure back up to code, upkeep its aesthetics, and, most importantly, maintain the safety of the structure itself. Epoxy injection can be used in restoring concrete walls, slabs, columns, piers or floors and bring the concrete strength back... Read The Rest
Multi-Step Repair Process
The form-and-pump concrete repair technique involves multiple steps, but has many advantages over other techniques. With form-and-pump concrete repair from Texas Strengthening Technologies, the chosen repair material is pumped into the cavity which is framed and confined by formwork and existing concrete. Many different materials can be used for repairs, as long as the materials are pumpable.  When doing form-and-pump concrete repair, it is imperative that air cannot become trapped in the cavity where repair materials are being pumped. To avoid this problem, these areas must be trimmed or have vent tubes installed. Once the materials are mixed, the pumping begins.... Read The Rest
Increasing the Live Load of a Structure
Many times, the need arises for a preexisting elevated structure to increase its load bearing weight. Whether this is because the structure is old and has experienced compromised structural integrity, or if a structure is becoming more widely used than initially thought, Texas Strengthening Technologies can ensure the structure is safe no matter the load size. Though this sounds like a job that would involve excavation and demolition of the preexisting structure, Texas Strengthening Technologies can increase the weight with a different technique.  The benefits of increasing the live load of a structure through enlargements include improved structural integrity and... Read The Rest

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