Increasing the Live Load of a Structure

Concrete EnlargementsMany times, the need arises for a preexisting elevated structure to increase its load bearing weight. Whether this is because the structure is old and has experienced compromised structural integrity, or if a structure is becoming more widely used than initially thought, Strengthening Technologies can ensure the structure is safe no matter the load size.

Though this sounds like a job that would involve excavation and demolition of the preexisting structure, Strengthening Technologies can increase the weight with a different technique. 

The benefits of increasing the live load of a structure through enlargements include improved structural integrity and stability, increased load-bearing capacity, enhanced safety, and the ability to accommodate increased usage or occupancy.

This can result in longer lifespan and reduced maintenance costs for the structure, as well as potential for increased revenue if the structure is used for commercial purposes. Additionally, enlargements can help to bring a structure up to current building codes and standards, ensuring it meets modern safety requirements.

Adding Concrete To Your Beams

Once your structure is assessed by Strengthening Technologies, we come to your property and enlarge beams and columns by adding concrete. Doing this makes the beams and columns bigger and stronger, thus able to hold more weight. But adding concrete to a support beam or column involves using a special method. 

To enlarge the beams and columns, we add concrete to increase their size and strength. This process requires a meticulous surface preparation to ensure a strong bond between the old and new concrete.

Before we can enlarge the support surface, we install formwork. The formwork must be air tight in order for the new concrete to bond to the old. Once the formwork is complete, we pump self - consolidating concrete mix into the formwork, so that the new concrete forms an intimate bond with the existing concrete. 

We at Strengthening Technologies are experts in increasing the load-bearing capacity of elevated structures. Our method of enlarging beams and columns is unique in that it does not require excavation or demolition of the preexisting structure. Instead, we come to your property and perform an assessment to determine the necessary steps for increasing the weight capacity.

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