Epoxy Injection

Keeping Your Structure In Tip-Top Shape

Epoxy Injection Repair for ConcreteWhile concrete is definitely a strong building medium, there is one thing that is bound to happen to it after years of wear and tear - cracks. Not only are cracks unsightly, but, depending on their size and location, they also make your structure unsound and unsafe for continued use. 

Epoxy injection is a cost-effective method used to bring your commercial concrete structure back up to code, upkeep its aesthetics, and, most importantly, maintain the safety of the structure itself. Epoxy injection can be used in restoring concrete walls, slabs, columns, piers or floors and bring the concrete strength back to what it was before the cracks appeared. 

Before epoxy injections can be used on your structure, the source of the cracks must be identified and repaired. If not, the cracks will continue to grow, continue to crack, and continue to render your structure unsafe. At Strengthening Technologies, our experts will crack the case and get to the bottom of your growing problem. Once we do, we can perform the necessary repairs and move forward with the epoxy injection.

As soon as you notice cracks forming in your concrete, call Strengthening Technologies. We can take care of your problem in a speedy and cost - effective way, and get your concrete back to looking good as new. 

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