What is barrier cable?

Barrier CablesBarrier cable is the name for a variety of special steel cables used for guardrails in open concrete structures like parking garages, outdoor walkways, and rooftop use areas. This wire is usually galvanized, making it rust-resistant and suitable for exposure to the elements.

Barrier cable is a type of cable used in post-tensioning systems for the construction of concrete structures, particularly for the construction of bridges and sound barriers.

Barrier cables are typically made of high-strength steel and are designed to resist the tension forces generated by the weight of the structure. They are installed within the concrete and are used to provide stability and prevent cracking by distributing the load evenly throughout the structure.

Barrier cables are typically anchored at both ends and run continuously along the length of the structure, providing a barrier against wind, water, and other external forces.

In barrier cable construction, heavy-duty anchors are set into pillars or walls and then connected to thick wire strands. Eight or more wires are placed about 6-inches apart to create a safe railing between the columns. In a barrier cable system in a parking garage, multiple wire cables span horizontally between the concrete posts where they anchor securely.

Barrier cables are an important component of post-tensioned concrete structures, as they help to enhance the structural integrity and stability of the structure, while also providing protection against environmental and other external factors.

If a person or vehicle hits the cables, the wires go into tension and resist the impact, preventing a catastrophic fall accident. Barrier cables also have the advantage of allowing plenty of sunlight and visibility into the interior of the parking structure.

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