Upgrading Your Parking Garage With A Barrier Cable Safety System

Keeping Your Structure Up To Code

2021-05-07Updated: 2021-12-27 Strengthening Technologies

Parking Barrier Cables

If you own or manage a parking garage, preventing pedestrian and vehicle fall accidents is a top priority. You also want the structure to look attractive and be easy to maintain. The solution is a cost-effective barrier cable system installed by an expert in this type of construction, such as Texas Strengthening Technologies.

What are Barrier Cables?

No doubt, you have seen barrier cables many times, perhaps without even realizing it. This type of safety structure is quite common in parking garages for pedestrian and vehicular safety. You’ll also see barrier cables on highways installed between lanes of traffic.

In parking garages, barrier cable systems consist of heavy-duty, engineered wire cables securely attached to concrete posts and adjacent concrete walls. Barrier cables prevents people and vehicles from falling from building’s sides and on walkways, ramps, and rooftops.

In a barrier cable system in a parking garage, multiple wire cables span horizontally between the concrete posts where they anchor securely. If a person or vehicle hits the cables, the wires go into tension and resist the impact, preventing a catastrophic fall accident. Barrier cables also have the advantage of allowing plenty of sunlight and visibility into the interior of the parking structure.

The International Building Code (IBC) and Post Tension Institute (PTI) provide stringent guidelines and building codes to install barrier cable safety railings. At Texas Strengthening Technologies, we work closely with engineers and architects to design and install attractive, durable, and high-strength barrier cable systems in parking garages that meet the IBC and PTI building codes.

Types of Barrier Cable Systems

Barrier cable safety railings have evolved since first coming on the market in the 1960s. The engineering and design of barrier cables improved again when the Department of Transportation approved them for highway use in the 1990s.

You can now find barrier cables in a variety of designs and styles. The earliest types were bare wire cables, but these become rusty, corroded, and unattractive over time. We frequently replace old cables in existing parking structures, upgrading them to aesthetically pleasing and durable newer wire cables.

Galvanized wire cables resist corrosion better than bare wire, and these are a suitable and economical solution in many situations. However, we also install barrier cables coated in epoxy or plastic sheathing. In this case, the wires are colored for a more pleasing architectural look. Besides being more aesthetically pleasing, coated barrier cables also have a longer lifespan than bare steel wire.

Barrier cable safety systems are more economical than precast and cast-in-place concrete panels. Cables are often made from recycled steel, using less energy in manufacturing. For this reason, the installation of barrier cables can increase the LEED rating when building a new parking garage.

Installing Barrier Cables in New and Existing Parking Structures

Installing barrier cable safety systems in new and existing parking garages is a highly specialized type of construction. To do the job right, we use technicians with advanced training in this specific type of work.

We also have the specialized tools and equipment for moving, lifting, and tensioning these heavy cables and building or reinforcing the concrete posts and anchor points that hold them in place.

For example, in an existing parking garage, we can expand the area where the cables embed in the concrete or add additional anchors at strategic locations between the posts. Adding extra anchoring points distributes the force of an impact over a larger area, making the entire structure stronger.

Why Hire Texas Strengthening Technologies?

Wherever your parking garage is in the country, Texas Strengthening Technologies can assist you with installing a barrier cable system in a new or existing structure. We can also help you get an existing barrier cable system back up to building code regulations.

Texas Strengthening Technologies is a fully licensed barrier cable contractor, specialized and equipped for this type of work. We travel all over the United States to install barrier cables and reinforce concrete structures in parking garages and other types of buildings.

We work closely with all our clients, keeping their budget and architectural needs foremost in mind while designing and installing these robust, durable, and economical safety solutions for parking structures. We also have close contacts with barrier cable suppliers that help us minimize how long it takes to complete a project.

Texas Strengthening Technologies prioritizes job safety at every construction phase while installing and replacing barrier cable systems as rapidly and efficiently as possible. If you want to learn more about how barrier cables can upgrade the safety and appearance of your parking structure, contact Texas Strengthening Technologies today for a free consultation.