Revitalize Your Concrete

2024-03-15Updated: 2024-06-20 Strengthening Technologies

Epoxy injection is a specialized repair technique used to mend cracks in concrete structures, effectively restoring their original strength and integrity. This process involves injecting an epoxy resin—a high-strength adhesive—into cracks under pressure, ensuring the resin fully penetrates and fills the voids within the concrete. Once cured, the epoxy forms a bond that is often stronger than the concrete itself, sealing the crack against moisture and contaminants and rebonding the cracked sections. Principles Behind Its Effectiveness Penetration and Bonding Epoxy resins have excellent adhesive properties and low viscosity options, allowing them to penetrate deeply into fine cracks, creating a... Read The Rest
Essential Concrete Parking Lot Maintenance Tasks

2022-06-16Updated: 2024-06-20 Strengthening Technologies

If you own or manage a car dealership or a retail concrete parking lot, one of your important responsibilities performing regular maintenance to help ensure many years of high-level service and a more pleasant experience for those who utilize it. Concrete parking lots and structures typically have a higher volume of vehicular and foot traffic, making it essential to keep the surface in excellent condition. Strengthening Technologies has repaired hundreds of concrete parking lots all over the United States where the concrete has failed or presents a significant safety hazard for customers and other visitors. Many of the repairs we have performed include... Read The Rest
Why A Crack Can Be A Sign Of A Bigger Problem

2022-01-19Updated: 2024-06-20 Strengthening Technologies

At Strengthening Technologies, we are the nationwide experts in all types of concrete repairs. A concrete slab often develops cracks over time, and this type of foundation damage can happen for multiple reasons. Concrete repair of cracks in slabs and foundations is crucial for three reasons in residential and commercial buildings.  Cracks in a Concrete Slab Indicate Other Problems There is always an underlying reason for the problem when a slab cracks. These reasons include: Improper initial construction of the slab, such as insufficient or deteriorating steel reinforcement in the concrete Poor drainage or leaks in pipes around the concrete slab or foundation beams,... Read The Rest
When The Epoxy Injection Method Works Best

2021-12-27Updated: 2024-06-20 Strengthening Technologies

If you find cracks in a concrete commercial structure you own, you're likely to feel concerned about the situation. Cracks in concrete look unattractive, can pose a potential trip hazard if they are in a floor, and can cause people using the structure to wonder if the building is safe. In some cases, cracks can indicate serious underlying problems. At Strengthening Technologies, repairing concrete is our specialty. However, cracks developing in concrete are primarily an aesthetic issue in other situations. Many types of cracks in concrete structures can be successfully and economically repaired using various epoxy products. However, it's crucial to evaluate... Read The Rest
What Makes This Method The Best For Concrete Repairs

2021-11-17Updated: 2024-06-20 Strengthening Technologies

Post-tensioning is a concrete reinforcing method that is superior to strengthening with rebar alone. Since the 1950s, contractors and engineers have designed and built new buildings using post-tensioning methods. However, post-tension is a concrete strengthening technique that can also be used to repair existing concrete structures, and it is our number one specialty at Strengthening Technologies. Here are five reasons for considering post-tension building methods when constructing or repairing your concrete structure. Lower Costs of Repairs Post-tensioned concrete uses steel cables embedded inside the concrete or installed externally to strengthen concrete slabs, beams, and columns. The wires are pulled into tension after the concrete... Read The Rest
Keeping Your Structure Up To Code

2021-05-07Updated: 2024-06-20 Strengthening Technologies

If you own or manage a parking garage, preventing pedestrian and vehicle fall accidents is a top priority. You also want the structure to look attractive and be easy to maintain. The solution is a cost-effective barrier cable system installed by an expert in this type of construction, such as Strengthening Technologies. Barrier Cables Explained No doubt, you have seen barrier cables many times, perhaps without even realizing it. This type of safety structure is quite common in parking garages for pedestrian and vehicular safety. You’ll also see barrier cables on highways installed between lanes of traffic. In parking garages, barrier cable systems... Read The Rest