Maintaining Concrete Car Dealer & Parking Lots

Essential Concrete Parking Lot Maintenance Tasks

2022-06-16 Strengthening Technologies

Concrete Parking Lots Nationwide Repair and MaintenanceIf you own or manage a car dealership or a retail concrete parking lot, one of your important responsibilities performing regular maintenance to help ensure many years of high-level service and a more pleasant experience for those who utilize it. Concrete parking lots and structures typically have a higher volume of vehicular and foot traffic, making it essential to keep the surface in excellent condition.

Texas Strengthening Technologies has repaired hundreds of concrete parking lots all over the United States where the concrete has failed or presents a significant safety hazard for customers and other visitors. Many of the repairs we have performed include post tension repair and modification, concrete slab repair, slab on grade post tension repairs, barrier cable design and installation, carbon fiber strengthening, epoxy injections, concrete repair spalling, and form-and-pump repair.

The parking lot at your business is visually at the forefront of the customer experience. When the lot is clean, attractive, and safe, it promotes your business in the best possible light and reduces liability risk. Understanding which maintenance tasks are essential and how to get them done is crucial for keeping your business operating efficiently and safely.

The concrete professionals at Texas Strengthening Technologies have some essential tasks for you they feel are needed to maintain concrete parking lots and parking structures at car dealerships and retail stores in order to keep it in the best shape possible. 

Conduct Regular Visual Inspections

If you don’t know something is a problem, you aren’t going to get it fixed. For this reason, the first maintenance task is a regular schedule of preventative maintenance inspections of parking lots and parking structures at your business. A weekly visual inspection is a good way of catching problems before they get out of hand.

Be sure to check these points at each inspection:

  • Are any surfaces developing cracks?
  • Is water standing or oil pooling anywhere?
  • Do you see oil or other stains anywhere?
  • Is the surface free of debris like fallen leaves and trash?
  • Are storm drains clogged?
  • What is the condition of curbs and pedestrian walkways?
  • Does the structure meet ADA requirements?
  • What is the overall condition and appearance of the concrete surface?

It can be helpful to have copies of a map of your parking lot, so you can quickly note the location of any problem areas and get them fixed as soon as possible.

Clean Away Debris and Stains

Among the most common problems in parking lots is the accumulation of debris and staining of the concrete surface from oil drips and tire marks. When grime builds up, pools of standing water become more likely when it rains, leading to the deterioration of the concrete and the potential for costly repairs later.

The solution is frequent sweeping and pressure washing of the surface to keep it free from debris and harsh chemicals that can create worse problems down the line. Regular surface cleaning also reveals other issues like cracks and broken curbs that need repair.

Clean-Out Storm Water Drains

Large concrete surfaces require drains to release stormwater and other water from flooding the surface. Unfortunately, storm drains easily clog with leaves, trash, and dirt build-up. The solution is regularly checking the condition of drains and cleaning them out as soon as you find any blockage or notice standing water near them.

Having functioning storm drains on your car lot is absolutely essential as a clogged or cracked pipe can result in water damage, flooding, sinkholes, and other hazards that would be detrimental to the employees and visitors that are always treading through your concrete lot.

When larger pieces of debris find their way into the inlets, the water then backs up into the street or pathway. Now, the water can seep into the cracks between the inlet and the pavement and can cause erosion of the sub-strata. If this erosion is extreme, the inlet and supporting structure can fail and the concrete repair can be quite costly.

Since storm drainage systems direct rain water into sources of fresh water such as lakes and rivers, it is important to use environmentally safe products to clean the storm drains. High-pressure water jetting or hydro jetting is one of the most effective ways to clean storm drains and clear away debris and buildup.

Fix Cracks in Concrete Parking Lots, Curbs, and Sidewalks

Fix Cracks in Your Concrete Parking LotHeavy traffic, seasonal changes from hot to cold weather, and subsurface ground settlement can lead to cracks in concrete parking lots, parking structures, sidewalks, and curbs. Repairing small cracks as soon as possible can prevent water from eroding the concrete and ground underneath, preventing a more expensive problem later.

In addition, cracks in concrete surfaces, curbs, and sidewalks present a trip hazard for pedestrians and look unsightly. The best solution is to keep a close watch for damage and ground settlement and promptly address the issue. Concrete that is used to hold heavy objects (such as many cars, trucks, and SUVs) can become damaged under excessive weight and usage if it is not properly maintained and repaired.

The benefits of fixing cracks in your concrete lots include:

  • Prevents Further Damage
  • Reduce the Risk of Injury
  • Stays Functional
  • Repairs are Cheaper
  • Maintain Your Curb Appeal

Apply a Sealer to the Concrete Surface

Sealcoating the surface of a parking lot is an essential maintenance task for every car dealership. How often this is necessary depends on the local weather and traffic on the lot. However, most concrete parking lot owners apply a sealer every two to three years.

A high-quality concrete sealer reduces the number of repairs over time and makes it easier and faster to keep the parking lot clean with sweeping and pressure washing.

Repairing concrete is a more economical and safe option to restore the look and durability of your concrete parking lot. By keeping up on these maintenance tasks, or hiring a qualified contractor like Texas Strengthening Technologies to do the work for you, you can reduce the need for expensive repairs and keep your concrete parking lot looking its best at all times.