What is post tensioned concrete?

Post-tensioned concrete is a type of reinforced concrete that uses high-strength steel cables or tendons under tension to compress the concrete and provide additional strength to the structure. The tendons are typically anchored at both ends, stretched and then anchored to the concrete using anchorage devices.

This results in a structure that is able to withstand greater stress, allowing for longer spans, thinner sections and reduced overall material usage. Post tensioned concrete is reinforced with steel cables or bars called tendons that are pulled and secured after, or ‘post,’ pouring of the concrete.

In some cases, post-tensioned slabs and beams are also ‘draped,’ meaning the tendons sag at the midpoint during installation and are then tensioned after the concrete is placed, achieving the highest tension possible on the cable. We often do post-tensioning in construction of high-rise buildings and car dealerships with large, open showrooms.

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