What are the benefits of post-tensioning?

Post-tensioning permits the construction of large open spaces in concrete structures and also permits slabs with a thinner profile. By eliminating interior supports and making suspended slabs lighter, you need less concrete, and the structure weighs less when complete.

The benefits of post-tensioning include:

Increased strength and stability
Post-tensioning enhances the strength and stability of concrete structures, allowing for longer spans, thinner sections, and reduced material usage.

Improved durability
The high-strength steel cables used in post-tensioning resist corrosion, providing long-term durability to the structure.

Reduced cracking
By applying compressive stress to the concrete, post-tensioning reduces the risk of cracking caused by tensile stress.

Increased versatility
Post-tensioning can be used in a variety of structures, including bridges, buildings, parking structures, and more.

Reduced construction time
Post-tensioning enables quicker construction times, as it eliminates the need for traditional reinforcing materials, such as steel bars.

Increased design flexibility
Post-tensioning allows for greater design flexibility, as it allows for longer spans, thinner sections, and more slender elements.

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